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导读:   在网上热聊了一个月的“美女”,突然不见踪影,男子苦苦询问不得后才幡然醒悟,却已被骗取了近4万余元。近日,深圳市公安







  In the hot line chat for a month of "beauty", suddenly disappeared, ask not only after the man struggling to awaken, but has been cheated out of nearly 4 yuan. Recently, the Guangming sub Bureau of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, after making careful investigation for 5 days through synthetic operations, has cracked a case of online dating fraud and captured a suspect. The so-called "beauty" is actually a man.

  In January 3rd, at 20, Mr. Wang called the victim of the victim of Guangming to report that he had been deceived by a woman named "Li Jiazhou" by social app to more than 4 million yuan. After receiving the report, Guangming, according to the clues provided by Mr. Wang, the joint sub Bureau, the Interpol brigade and the synthetic operation center, successfully locked the suspects and foothold through a series of investigations and touches, and successfully seized the suspects at 17 p.m. on January 8th. But this caught "beauty", let the police have a surprise.

  The face of police interrogation, the suspect Wu tight lipped, all sorts of sophistry, refused to admit the facts of the crime, until the police show will be a complete chain of evidence to Wu, he could not deny the Wu Mou account of all the facts of the crime. According to Wu's account, he saw a lot of news and cases on the Internet who disguised as a beautiful woman and made friends swindling, and thought it was a "easy" way to make money. So it is convenient to use all kinds of social APP to cheat friends in the form of matchmaking friends. After registering the APP account with the mobile phone number without real name registration, you can download the beautiful picture as your head and download the dating information and seduce others. After a hot chat with Mr. Wang, he used Mr. Wang's trust in him, and he cheated Mr. Wang for nearly 40 thousand yuan for many reasons, such as birthday, shopping, illness, loan and so on. In Mr. Wang suspicious, Mr. Wang will pull the black, their play missing". According to the police investigation, the victim, Mr. Wang, is only one of the "objects of communication".

  At present, the suspect Wu has been detained by the police in accordance with the law in accordance with the law, and the case is still in the further investigation.


  So far this year, Guangming police have cracked down on many counterfeiting beauties, who are making friends fraud. Most of the so-called beauties are masculine criminals. Guangming police reminded the majority of our friends that we must be cautious in making friends online and in love. We should be vigilant for strangers. We should be more vigilant and avoid being deceived when we first know many times.






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